Naples: protests by restaurateurs for scooters whizzing among the tables of the dehors
Naples: protests by restaurateurs for scooters whizzing among the tables of the dehors

TO Naples the restaurateurs of Piazza Santa Maria la Nova protest because of the scooters whizzing among the tables in the outdoor areas, putting passersby, customers and waiters at risk. The fact is that this would be a ZTL area, but few people respect it.

This square is a pedestrian area and many restaurants, bars and clubs are allowed to put tables outside (especially now due to the anti-coronavirus restrictions). However, dozens and dozens of mopeds and scooters every day violate the ZTL, pass the access gates avoiding the chains and walk through the square closed to traffic to reach the historic center.

The problem is that there are hundreds of people sitting in the outdoor areas, with waiters who go back and forth constantly. Except that the scooters whiz by near tables and chairs, even when there are people seated, hitting these structures often and willingly and risking invest customers.

Scooters enter the square above all from the passage in via Monteoliveto or from the side one. In the first case, they often graze passers-by who stroll, while in the second case they pass in front of the entrance to a bar risking to hit the people who leave the room.

An entrepreneur told yet another of these stories: just the other day she saved a five-year-old girl who was about to be hit by a scooter.

But there is much more: if restaurateurs protest, they come attacked. Sunday evening a boy on a scooter passed between the tables. When the restaurateur protested, the boy replied that he would go home to get the iron to shoot him in the face.

The situation has become critical and the exhibitors are now asking the police to act more checks: they regularly pay for the occupation of public land, but constantly risk the safety of customers (and apparently not only).

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