Agriculture: 25 jobs in the harvests thanks to vouchers
Agriculture: 25 jobs in the harvests thanks to vouchers

L' agriculture could create - almost immediately - 25 thousand jobs occasional thanks to the voucher agricultural (abolished in 2017), in view of the harvest.

Thanks to a tool like the voucher - at the moment, there would be an important lightening of the bureaucracy and it would allow, even to those who already receive social safety nets, students and pensioners to work in the Italian agricultural fields.

A perfect opportunity at the moment, with layoffs on the limit and many families in conditions of economic fragility. To announce it forcefully Ettore Prandini, president of Coldiretti, during the meeting of the organization's presidents.

After being snubbed for decades there is in fact - underlines Coldiretti - a growing interest of Italians for work in the countryside also due to the difficult situation in which other economic sectors find themselves, which must be accompanied by measures for simplification and cost containment. of work that allows us to compete with countries such as France and Spain which enjoy more favorable situations”.

Before the repeal, the vouchers sold nationwide in the last year were about 1.3 million just for the harvest, now practically zeroed with the entry into force of the new legislation.

"Parliament and the Government - concludes Prandini - have the duty to rethink a tool for the sector that simplifies bureaucracy for the company, both agile and flexible, responding above all to a criterion of timely availability for employment and, on the other hand, generates income supplement opportunities for young students, pensioners and integrated funds ".

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