D ’ Arbo launches a new line of fruit spreads in Italy
D ’ Arbo launches a new line of fruit spreads in Italy

News in the house D'Arbo: the company known for its jams and marmalades has decided to reposition itself in Italy by launching one new line from fruit spreads (80%). The German company, distributed by us by Loacker (wafers and chocolate products), has created for the occasion a new logo and a new claim, "Infinite taste" which should appear in all the references that we will find in the large-scale retail trade.

D'Arbo's strength has always been the choice of raw materials and fruit, which is why it has decided to focus everything on the concept of "taste". The new line of spreads adds to jams, syrups, honey and fruit-based desserts. It is already known that these spreads will contain 80% fruit and for now they will be available in the following tastes (it is not known yet if this range will be expanded in the future):

  • apricot
  • Strawberry
  • raspberry
  • blueberries

D'Arbo then specified that these new spreads will not contain substitutes either sugars alternatives, various flavors and preservatives of any kind. Everything should be done with the usual working methods of the Austrian company to ensure that the production methods leave the flavor of the fruit in the finished product unaltered.

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