USA: ecommerce in food & beverage grows by + 58% due to the pandemic
USA: ecommerce in food & beverage grows by + 58% due to the pandemic

Exactly as happened in Italy, even in the USA L' ecommerce regarding the sector food & beverage grew by + 58% due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This has had, as a side effect, that of speeding up the digitalization process of purchases.

This is supported by a US research carried out by eMarketer and recently published on TechCrunch.

During the second quarter of 2020, the food and drink ecommerce sector saw an increase of 58.5%. In addition to the USA and Italy, this has been the trend all over the world (in general for the entire ecommerce sector): according to a British survey carried out by the Office for National Statistics, online sales related to the retail sector are increased by +9.4%, going from 18.7% in July 2019 to 28.1% in July 2020.

Returning to the United States, a survey by the Department of Commerce has shown how consumers have spent more than 211 billion dollars on online purchases, with an increase in ecommerce of +31.8% compared to the previous quarter. And again: a research carried out by Salesforce in the USA and published by CNBC has shown that the Online shopping they increased by 71% in the second quarter. Exactly the opposite of what happened with the physical stores that have seen a sharp decline in purchases.

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