Watchful “ glutton ” he took away fines in exchange for food: under house arrest
Watchful “ glutton ” he took away fines in exchange for food: under house arrest

The traffic warden head of the local police of Lavena Ponte Stresa, in the province of Varese, he was delivered by the traders food in exchange for favors, like fines "Avoid" or the handling of administrative procedures.

The man, Stefano Ceratonio, 64, was denounced and is now in the House arrest. For his particular modus operandi he was nicknamed by everyone "The glutton" and now the accusation of corruption. Together with the policeman, four other people in trouble: three hawkers of Maghrebi origin and a Chinese restaurateur.

The investigations were triggered by a complaint in the Prosecutor's Office which was then followed by the checks by the Guardia di Finanza of Luino. The administrative and accounting documents, stalking and stalking by the yellow flames brought to light the illegal behavior of the policeman. Furthermore, according to the investigations, the "glutton" has been carrying out this particular initiative for several years.

The day of the market in Lavena Ponte Stresa was, according to the Prosecutor's Office, the most important moment for the policeman, who limited his checks on “friendly” street vendors in exchange for large bags full of food of all kinds.

While, on the contrary, Cerantonio carried out very strict controls on street vendors who did not lend themselves to corruption. The policeman, defended by the Veresino lawyer Marco Lacchin, has not yet issued any statements.

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