Sarah Ferguson takes part in the Prosecco harvest in Treviso
Sarah Ferguson takes part in the Prosecco harvest in Treviso

At the Prosecco harvest from Treviso this year was attended by a special guest: Sarah Ferguson. The Duchess of York, on a visit to Italy to make agreements to merge the Hausbrandt brand with her charity foundation Sarah's Trust, decided to visit the vineyards of Unesco heritage hills.

Sarah Ferguson arrived at Venice Marco Polo airport on Sunday 27 September, via private flight from Portugal. After spending the night at the Abbazia di Follina Hotel, she went to have dinner at Gigetto in the icebox and then in the villa of the Zanetti family.

On Monday he decided to participate together with Luciano Fregonese, mayor of Valdobbiadene, in a particular harvest in the Docg of the Fasol Menin estate. A great lover of Prosecco, Sarah wanted to actively collaborate in the harvest (which had already begun a few weeks ago, albeit with problems related to the absence of foreign laborers due to the Coronavirus and the decline in exports, also caused by the pandemic).

But that's not all, Sarah Ferguson didn't just pick grapes. In fact, the Duchess would have in mind to carry out a project entirely dedicated to Superior Prosecco. The hope is that, given the visit made to the Fasol Menin estate, he will soon be able to return to the Unesco heritage hills of the province of Treviso to implement this project.

In the meantime, however, her visit to the Treviso area is over: yesterday she visited Villa Barbaro in Maser and then left again.

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