Mushrooms: it will be a ’ excellent vintage, “ thank you ” to bad weather
Mushrooms: it will be a ’ excellent vintage, “ thank you ” to bad weather

Not just damage, the bad weather autumn has created favorable conditions for the growth of mushrooms triggering the race for porcini mushrooms, chanterelles, trumpets, nails in the 11.4 million hectares of Italian woods. This is what the Coldiretti underlining that rainfall was expected by enthusiasts as a godsend in a season that started badly especially in the center-south due to drought.

"The arrival of autumn - underlines Coldiretti - was marked by bad weather which favored abundant harvests in the valley in the Alps but along the entire Apennine ridge from north to south, including the islands. The abrupt climate change came after a period characterized by unusually high temperatures in a year that has so far been more than one degree (+1.05 degrees) above the historical average, ranking second among the hottest in Italy since 1800. based on the Coldiretti analysis on Isac Cnr data relating to the first eight months, which also highlights the fall of about 25% less rain despite the multiplication of violent events ".

The birth of mushrooms - underlines Coldiretti - to be luxuriant requires as optimal conditions humid soils without torrential rain, a good dose of sun and 18-20 degrees of temperature inside the forest. Mushrooms are important resource for a country like Italy where the woods cover 40% of the total area even if they are often marked unfortunately - specifies Coldiretti - by abandonment, neglect and the criminal action of arsonists.

The research activity - continues Coldiretti - has not only a hobby nature that involves many vacationers and also carries out a economic function in support of inland wooded areas where it represents an important income supplement for thousands of "professionals" committed to supplying shops and restaurants with typical local products, with positive effects on tourist flows.

However, it is necessary to avoid improvisations and follow some important rules which - concludes Coldiretti - range from compliance with specific rules and constraints present in the various territories, to the collection of mushrooms only of which you are sure and absolutely not trust the sayings and places. municipalities, but also, in case of uncertainty, always contact the Municipalities or Mycological Unions for checks and use wicker baskets and avoid plastic bags

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