Chef of the Hotel Royal in Varenna found dead in the lake
Chef of the Hotel Royal in Varenna found dead in the lake

Drama a Varenna, a village in the province of Lecco on Lake Como, where a Cook originally from Parma was found died on the shore of the lake. At the origin of the tragedy there is probably an accident, although the authorities are still investigating to reconstruct the incident.

What is known is that the forty-three-year-old chef has lost track of himself after finishing his shift at the famous Hotel Royal. It was then found by a colleague around 11 pm, not far from the room where he was staying in the guesthouse of Villa Cipressi intended for employees, lying on the lakefront and now lifeless. The ambulance was rescued immediately, even if the staff who came to his aid could not help but ascertain the man's death.

From the first reconstructions it seems that the man decided to take a walk before returning to his accommodation: a habit he had every evening. Perhaps then he fell ill, or he tripped (perhaps distracted by the cell phone, which was found on the ground next to his body), and as he fell he hit his head on one of the ladders that allow you to descend to the lake.

The head injury therefore seems to have been fatal, although autopsy tests will confirm this.

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