Davide Lacerenza's Gintoneria has been closed again
Davide Lacerenza's Gintoneria has been closed again

There is no peace for Davide Lacerenza's Gintoneria in Milan, which was again closed after a check by the police.

Not even a month has passed since the reopening after the closure for ten days ordered by the police following numerous reports of noises, gatherings and drug dealing that the place is again in trouble. In the middle, an article also denounces the journalist and influencer Selvaggia Lucarelli about a violent climate and suspicious collections.

Lacerenza, ex-boyfriend of Stefania Nobile (the daughter of Vanna Marchi) is certainly not distinguished by sobriety, and often publishes over-the-top attitudes on social media (such as his stunt on the Ferrari, with which he raced through the city center at almost 140 kilometers Now).

And it was on his social channels that Davide Lacerenza documented the new law enforcement bliz, who checked the status of the venue and closed it, probably due to gatherings and lack of compliance with anti-coronavirus regulations. The owner of the venue, however, explains in his Instagram story that 14 people were inside, and 12 others were out: "a few for a Saturday night," he said, announcing that La Gintoneria will reopen regularly next Friday.

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