Japan: new outbreak of avian flu, 36 thousand chickens killed
Japan: new outbreak of avian flu, 36 thousand chickens killed

In Japan a new one was reported outbreak of avian flu. For this reason the Government has established that they will come about 36 thousand chickens were killed on farms. In just under a month, this is the second wave of avian flu occurring in Miyazaki, a prefecture located in the southwestern part of Japan.

Jiji Press reported that the authorities have decided to start culling at least 36,000 chickens in the city of Miyakonojo. And this will probably be just the beginning. In fact, it is here that one of the most important meat production plants in this region is located. All this amid the alarm of farmers and breeders: the virus is highly pathogenic.

It all started with the suspicious death of 72 chickens. Genetic tests were performed on them which made it possible to discover the presence of the virus. So the local prefecture suffered the movement of animals is prohibited and merchandise for 94 farms located within 10 kilometers of the farm where the avian flu virus was discovered. Which includes 4.3 million birds.

Just in early November, an initial outbreak was reported in Kagawa prefecture. Cases were subsequently detected in Fukuoka, Miyazaki, Nara and Hyogo. Earlier last week, cases had been identified in Hyuga and Tsuno, cities not far away. In a few weeks, the virus also reached the prefecture of Hiroshima.

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