Russia: millionaire takes a helicopter to fly to McDonald ’ s
Russia: millionaire takes a helicopter to fly to McDonald ’ s

What do you do if you are a Russian billionaire and you suddenly feel like a Big Mac? But clear: take a helicopter and flights up to McDonald's closer. It sounds like the plot of a movie, but it really happened. Viktor Martynov, a Russian billionaire, was on vacation in the Crimea with his girlfriend when the two decided he missed Moscow cuisine too much.

But not the traditional one: that of McDonald's. So, they hired a private helicopter and flew by helicopter to McDonald's in Krasnodar. A nearly 500km flight to order their food at the fast food restaurant.

The journey took several hours, but according to Martynov his meal of burgers, fries and milkshakes was worth the effort. A total $ 50 meal, plus an extra private helicopter rental, which cost around $ 3,600. "We bought everything we wanted and were satisfied," the billionaire said in a video that was shared by Russian media. And I would like to see well.

In the video, Mr. Martrnov said that he and his girlfriend then returned to their hotel in Crimea and continued their vacation. While Lenin revolted in the grave.

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